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Miracle Network & Solutions is an experienced custom software development company based in Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka. Having more than 7 years of experience in the field of Software Development, Web Development, and Mobile App Development together with affluent knowledge of the same for various industries globally, our project management capabilities are high strengthened with our quality standards. We provide end to end digital solutions to help you maximize the performance of the Web Site Design and Digital Marketing objectives. From networking to hardware to applications, our team of experts will monitor manage and maintain your IT Environment and we come up with solutions whenever you want to start or expand your business. Try out new ventures.

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Rasika Wijesinghe

CEO, Director

We are a Software and Technology service forerunners, and strive to contribute by developing a safe and comfortable infrastructure and the living environment prosper company as a business. Since our modest beginnings in 2013, we have stayed true to our mission of delivering the finest quality services and Software products in whichever sector we have been involved with. We have a very selective recruitment process that ensures our highly qualified staff and management can perform following our international standards. We have embraced world-class technology and processes, implementing them at all levels, in every unit, and across all parameters. Our strength is our people. We look forward to continuing to serve and support all of you in our efforts to exceed expectations.

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Miracle Network & Solution specializes in offering unique user centric business solutions varying from Strategy, Design and Technology. Miracle Network & Solution follows an approach which focuses on integrating Strategy, Design, and Technology through specific practice groups, architecting a solution that meets your unique business requirements.

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