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Inventory Management

This will help the businesses to manage the track record of customer’s requirement to a proper functioning of their inventory. Too much of inventory means that cash is invested where it is not required to invest. Too little inventory means that production cannot start or maybe a sale is lost. Therefore, the value of inventory must be a key component of financial statements too.

  • Inventory Availability
  • Inventory Costs
  • Inventory Demand Forecasting
  • Inventory Bin/Location Control
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Lot and Serial Number
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Barcode and Intelligent Inventory Tagging

HR Management

Employees are the number one priority in any organization because, without them, your business wouldn’t exist. The biggest feature you need from an HR component is payroll software. Submitting payroll and issuing direct deposits by hand is incredibly time-consuming.

  • Contact Managment
  • Estimates and Quotes
  • Incentive Management
  • Sales Force Automation
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Finance & Accounting

The financial filings under enormous scrutiny for companies cannot afford to miss making payments or overlook accounting details, due to the regulatory requirements at all the time.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accrual-Based Accounting
  • Analytic Accounting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Multi-Entity
  • Payroll
  • Debt and Discounts
  • Project Accounting

Sales Management

The sales and marketing component handles sales workflows like sales inquiries, quotations, sales orders and sales invoices. The more advanced ERP also features taxation rules and shipping tracker. The Sales and CRM modules work together to speed up the sales cycle and earn the company more profits. Trying to manually calculate your sales margins and profit ratios as your business continues to grow can be nearly impossible. Being able to access synchronized reports that detail key business metrics can be extremely helpful.

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Supply Chain Management

In today’s fast and competitive environment, the highly competitive marketplace, and the ERP Software development Companies need to be able to monitor the demand, supplies manufacturing status, logistics, and distribution in record time. The SCM component, with the aid of real-time data, can help with demand planning, so you can create an up-to-the-minute accurate production plan that meets demand, but doesn’t exceed it.

  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Transportation Management

Production & Manufacturing Management

Production management provides businesses with all the tools needed for the manufacture of goods. These tools include a bill of materials for products or parts of products. Staff can also utilize production planning, cost management, quality management and shop floor control.

  • Bill of Materials
  • Capacity Management
  • Manufacturing Schedule
  • Product Data Collection
  • Quality Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Work Order Management
  • Assembly Management
  • Shop Floor Document Management
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Sales Order Management

Essentially, sales order management turns information into orders. Distribution software automates order processing by taking data input from a customer and creating a formal order for products.

  • Automated Order Processing
  • Automated Payments
  • Real-Time Order Status
  • Advanced Shipping
  • Order Promising and Inventory Commitment
  • Return Management
  • Point-Of-Sale(POS)
  • Self-Service Vendor Portal
  • Self-Service Customer Portal
  • Customer Pricing

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management software takes care of your inbound and outbound processing. This ensures accurate data on your inventory, allowing for smooth warehousing processes thereafter. If your inbound and outbound processes are sloppy, all the following tasks will be much harder to manage, since you’ll be constantly correcting errors.

  • Inbound Processing
  • Outbound Processing
  • Order Picking
  • Pick-to-Light (PTL)
  • Put away and Receiving
  • Location Tracking
  • Shipping
  • Slotting Optimization
  • Wave and Load Planning
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
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Setting up an online presence is an excellent way to distribute goods. E-Commerce tools allow you to set up the shopping experience that will satisfy your website’s visitors and encourage them to become customers. Use real-time data to give your shoppers accurate prices, order status and product catalogs. Many systems don’t typically include E-Commerce tools, but they are easily integrated if not built-in.

  • E-Commerce Transaction Management
  • E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

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