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Point of Sale

Billing is that the most important requirement that a restaurant management system should fulfill under all circumstances. It should accelerate your table billing process, by ensuring easy order taking. For this, the system must be empowered to point out the whole menu on the tablet, allowing split billing and table transfer when the customer demands one, instant KOT generation process, and track and optimize the table turnover time which will facilitate your deliver stellar customer service. Billing is one among the required prerequisites that has got to be taken care of by your restaurant management system. The billing system must be integrated so the orders from the varied channels get synced and also the billing takes place from one central place. This can nullify the necessity to update the orders from multiple channels. Such an automatic billing system will facilitate your keep the chances of discrepancies and misappropriations at the bay. Since you'll also receive reports of the full number of bills generated, and therefore the number of discounts conferred, it'll be easier for you to trace the loopholes within the system and keep internal thefts under control.

Online Ordering Platform

Commission saved which you'd should pay to third-party aggregators. Each order gets you more profit saved. It enables you to assemble client information — further enabling you to run your very own CRM campaigns, re-marketing and keep customers coming for more. Gives you your virtual estate on the online, your permanent and non-devaluing e-resource. A seamless experience goes a long way when it comes to bringing the customer back to your restaurant, in terms of order placement, checkout, delivery status, discount, feedback and loyalty among other things.

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Order Management

It is always good to stay a tab on what’s happening in your restaurant, both online and offline. Such as you get orders both through your ordering platform and thru third-party apps like FoodPanda, Swiggy and Zomato. You'll easily manage the dashboard which shows an integrated picture of your orders coming in through all channels. Notifications and standing messages will get to you from your dashboard, making it significantly easier to manage orders. The key advantages of getting order management platform are:

  • All-encompassing order management — covers all channels
  • Incoming notifications for order statuses
  • Cater to all aspects of orders and customer calls on one dashboard

Table Reservation System

This is crucial within the dine-in segment of restaurants. The goal is to be ready to accept table reservations from your website and cater to all the table reservations from one dashboard. The power to stay a keen eye on the guest list and waiting time may be a given and is vital in an exceedingly dine-in facility. It’s always good to grasp when your loyal customers are coming in, so you'll get ample time to amp up the wow factor for them.

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Restaurent Marketing Management

Convey your offers,menu items and your special discounts the right way and much more with restaurant marketing management. These activities and efforts will keep your customers engaged and make them come back to your restaurant.

CRM & Loyalty

Post sign-up by the customer,the CRM process gets started out for that customer as their data gets inserted within the database and also the marketing system takes care of CRM activities which helps you categorize database on the premise old,preferences and items ordered. This helps in better customizing the messaging in your outreach campaigns. Loyalty Management This can be called the key sauce which helps you exchange your new customers into returning ones. Loyalty programs, if well executed and promoted can facilitate your reward your loyal customers with rewards with enhanced and better offers.

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Finance & Accounting

Every company has its own special set of requirements when it involves restaurant finances and accounting systems. In general, your accounting and finance software should facilitate your along with your COGS(cost of products sold), sales and profits tracking and tax management. Integration with a specialized accounting software is very recommended.

Data Backup & Security

It allows sharing data across multiple functional departments but, at the identical time, controls who can see and edit the exact same data.

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